Condition of Sale

The items offered for sale by MW Wines Pty Ltd ABN 31 921 572 702 (“MW Wines”) Liquor Licence number 32050700 are subject to the following terms and conditions:

(1)   In the State of Victoria, it is illegal to sell alcoholic beverages to persons under the age of 18 years. All Buyers acknowledge that they are of legal drinking age in their home state or territory.

(2)   All purchases are not considered final until confirmed by a staff member of MW Wines.

(3)   MW Wines reserves the right to cancel any order at any time for any reason whatsoever. In the event that MW Wines has received payment in part or full from the Buyer, this payment will be refunded upon the cancellation of the order, except in circumstances where the payment was a deposit on goods and the buyer has not paid the outstanding balance when due. In addition, where payment is made online by credit/debit card,  MW Wines may at it's discretion make an additional debit, to be immediately credited back to the same card to verify that the transaction was conducted by the cardholder and is not fraudulent. 

(4)   All sales are conducted in AUD Dollars. For International Buyers the actual amount to be paid in your home currency will be determined by the exchange rate used by your financial institution at the time you are actually charged.

(5)   All items will be released for delivery upon payment of the full purchase price and all other agreed costs. Title shall not pass to the Buyer until all funds are cleared.

(6)   All items are purchased by the Buyer on a FOB (Free on Board) basis. The Buyer is solely responsible for the collection of all wines purchased. Wines will be released to the Buyer’s nominated carrier upon payment in full being received by MW Wines Pty Ltd. Should Buyers require MW wines to arrange the freight on their behalf, please refer to the MW Wines Packaging Freight and Handling policies.

(7)   The Buyer becomes the owner of the wine prior to its shipment. If MW Wines has been requested by the Buyer to arrange shipment, MW Wines will take all precautions to package the wine according to industry standards to minimise the possibility of damage. MW Wines will use only reputable carriers who will safeguard the shipment as much as possible given the nature of the commodity. If MW Wines has arranged the freight and the shipment is delayed or arrives broken, please contact MW Wines immediately.

(8)   Special Notice – very old corks have been known to fail during shipment. There is always a risk of cork failure with old wines and due allowance must be made for this. Under no circumstances can an adjustment of price or credit be made after delivery provided that MW Wines has accurately described the condition of the bottle prior to delivery.

(9)   As the conducting of business is deemed to be in Victoria, Australia, all wines are sold in Victoria and title shall pass to the Buyer in Victoria, Australia. MW Wines make no representation as to the rights of anyone to import wine into any country outside Australia. In the event that a Buyer is a resident of a state or country which restricts the personal importation of wine, the wine will be held at the MW Wines facilities until the Buyer makes arrangements to ship the items to an address in a state or country which permits such shipments.

(10)The laws of the State of Victoria shall govern the rights and obligations of all parties. MW Wines is fully licensed in Australia to sell alcoholic beverages. (Liquor Licence number 32050700)

(11)Returns Policy:

If you notice that you have received wrong or broken items, please notify us within 24 hours of receiving the goods either by telephone or email and we will arrange for a replacement or full refund.

MW Wines offers a 7-day return policy on some products that are proven to be faulty. Any faulty wine needs to be returned to us with a minimum of ¾ of the original contents, together with the original seal (cork, screwcap, or other) within 7 days of purchase. MW Wines’ staff will then assess the wine to determine whether the wine is faulty. In determining whether a wine is faulty, staff will consider whether the wine has been affected by TCA (“corked”) or is unexpectedly oxidized. Bottle variation does not constitute a wine fault. Some wines may need to be returned to the original supplier/winery for further chemical analysis and/or testing. Where MW Wines determines that a wine is faulty, MW Wines will offer a replacement where possible or a full refund. If the wine is determined to be in acceptable condition, not faulty, it will be returned to you and you will be invoiced for the processing and freight costs associated with the return.

Many of MW Wines’ products are old or rare wines. In some cases, these wines can be past their peak drinking window and may be either unpleasant or undrinkable. MW Wines cellars wines which represent excellent condition examples of the wines in question in terms of their fill levels, labels and physical appearance. MW Wines accepts no responsibility for a wine being unpleasant or undrinkable where it is considered possible that the wine is beyond its peak drinking window.

International Customers (outside of Australia): Due to freight costs, tax regimes and customs practices, it is almost impossible for us to assess whether a bottle of wine is faulty within a reasonable period of time. Accordingly, we are unable to offer refunds or replacements on wine to International Customers. Please consider this risk carefully before making your purchase.

(11)Freight, Handling and Insurance Policy:

Any items purchased for delivery are subject to MW Wines' Freight, Handling and Insurance policy. This policy can be viewed here: Freight, Handling and Insurance
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